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  Take Me Home!


Now part of an IFILM DVD release with the feature Temporary Girl



8 ½ x 11 (1999, 16mm, color, 9 mins)  is a wry comedy about the dehumanizing process of looking for a job. It is an immediately recognizable, slightly absurd, comic portrayal of a nameless Everyman lost in the morass of the job interview circuit.

Shot  to resemble a real-time rendition of an actual interview, 8½ x 11 takes the audience into the office worlds of five very different potential employers. Using verbal gymnastics, cinematic chicanery and playful editing, an Interviewee is created whose chameleon-like character morphs instantaneously into the various underlings he believes each employer seeks.

Juxtaposing the contradictory demands of the different employers, the audience identifies with the desperation of the interviewee, who eventually succeeds in dancing his way into the shoes of one of his adversaries. The film ends with an ironic twist in which the tables are turned and our helpless protagonist has performed the ultimate metamorphosis into the inquisitor he most dreaded.

Where do you see yourself in five years?